Executive Members

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Ian McLaurin

grew up at Chalk Lake near Port Perry obtaining a degree in Water Resources Engineering from the University of Guelph in 1975. Ian had a 20 year career in Winnipeg and Ottawa with the Water Survey of Canada in Environment Canada. He is currently back at Chalk Lake in a second career as a consultant in water monitoring on international projects for the World Bank or the World Meteorological Organization. In 2011 he took a course on Contaminated & Hazardous Waste Site Management from Gowen Environmental Ltd.



Carmela Marshall

is an outdoor educator with a degree in microbiology. She lives at Chalk Lake. In 2011 she took an engineering-level training course in Contaminated Soil and Groundwater Chemistry, Assessment and Remediation and in 2013 attended a workshop presented by the Canadian Brownfields Network on soil banking presented by consultants from the Netherlands.



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David Langille

grew up at Sky Loft Ski Resort overlooking Chalk Lake. He now teaches public policy at York University and the University of Toronto. A political economist by training, his research and writing deals with corporate power and the role of social movements in maintaining democracy. Much of his life has been spent in political advocacy, community development and activism at the international, national, provincial and local level.



Ian McIntosh

Ian MacIntosh

grew up in Toronto in a family that purchased an acreage in the hills near Chalk Lake in the late 50’s. Their efforts to restore the degraded parts of the property through planting and erosion control instilled in him a lifelong passion for the huge value of the Oak Ridges Moraine’s water recharging properties and the natural heritage encompassed by its biological features. This shaped his choices in higher education, environmental studies, life sciences, and biochemistry leading to a BSc from the University of Toronto. Monitoring and opposing inappropriate development on the moraine for many decades paralleled a career as an energy efficient builder and renovator.