LCCW Submissions

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LCCW comments regarding the proposed changes to the ORMCP October-2016

OSRTF Comment re: proposed amendments to Greenbelt Plans-3 submissions below:

Snow Worse Than Cyanide

Soil Dumps Still Don’t Belong in the Greenbelt

The disposal of American industrial waste to be permitted in the Natural Core Areas of the Oak Ridges Moraine

Comments from OSRTF on EBR 012-6065 – Proposed Excess Soil Policy Framework- March 2016 – see below for comments on specific Actions

Comments From OSRTF-On the Proposed New Soil Policy Framework -Specific Actions – March 2016

OSRTF Fill Policy for 2015 Greenbelt Review May 27, 2015

LCCW comments for the Greenbelt Review May 27, 2015

April 8, 2015 OSRTF letter Transport Canada – Responsible Aerodrome Development

OSRTF Deputation Report re: East Gwillimbury Leslie Street Pit Fill Application March 30th, 2015-1

March 13th, 2015 OSRTF Deputation and Report re: LSRCA Draft Large Scale Fill Policy

January 8th, 2015 EBR-R2013005 Submission From OSRTF regarding Managing Excess Soils in Ontario

November 2014 LCCW Letter of Support to the Federal Government regarding Bill C-43 – This Bill can close the loophole regarding airfields being used as soil dumps. Click Here for a summary of the proposed changes to the Aeronautics Act.

August 20, 2014 LCCW Report to New Tecumseth Council regarding Tottenham Airfield Operations

LCCW Comments regarding Whitchurch Stoufville Draft By law August 2014

LCCW Report to Council Presented June 16th 2014

 May 2014 LCCW Letter to Minister re MOE letter to GFL dated  March 28-2014

LCCW comments regarding City of Toronto Planning Growth Report dated May 2, 2014

LCCW letter to the City of Burlington November 2013

Submission to GRCA Staff Regarding the Draft Large Fill Policy, November 25 2013

LCCW’s Letter to the Ministry of the Environment requesting a status update for the Earthworx Site, October 2013

LCCW Comments to the Ministry of Environment re: Green for Life Proposal to clean and fill Earthworx Site, August 2013


LCCW Submission re: 5783 Bloomington Rd. site – alteration application – Whitchurch Stouffville, August 2013


LCCW Submission re: Ninth Line site – alteration application – Whitchurch Stouffville July 17, 2013


Comments regarding amended Green for Life Compliance Approval, Arpil 16th 2013

Report to the Environmental Commissioner, March 2013


LCCW Motions to Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker for City of Toronto, March 2013

Motion adopted by Toronto City Council on July 16th, 2013


LCCW comments re: the Ministry of the Environment’s BMP for Soil Management in Ontario, January 2013


Report to the Ministry of the Environment Barrie District Office re: Tottenham Airfield Fill Operation, October 23 2012


Concerns re: Green Soils Inc. MOE Certificate of Approval, Oct. 15, 2012


LCCW Submission for Aggregate Resources Act Review, May 2012

Environmental Tribunal Comments by LCCW regarding Earthworx Case June 24th 2011


Additional Comments Regarding the Aggregate Resources Act Review, July 2012


LCCW Deputation Report – Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority, June 2011