Photo Courtesy of STORM

As a result of

  1. Ontario’s Brownfield legislation providing a mechanism for re-developing old industrial sites,
  2. the unprecedented development of condo towers in Toronto and
  3. major development projects for transit expansion and the PanAm Games,

excessive amounts of excess soil have been transported from Toronto to be dumped in the countryside outside of the city.

Finding some of these soils to be contaminated with toxic chemicals and dumped over drinking water aquifers, the citizens and municipalities in the affected areas are speaking out and taking action. Along with local citizen groups, organizations such as Ontario Nature, Save The Oak Ridges Moraine (STORM) Coalition, and Earthroots have taken up the call.

LCCW continues to research and analyze the issues with regards to fill management in Ontario and has recommended action items for various planning authorities and Ministries. We continue to learn and work collaboratively with various stakeholders in order to find sustainable solutions to this very complex issue.