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Proposed Amendments to Aeronautics Act now Law

On December 16, 2014, Bill c-43, which contains provisions for amendments to the Aeronautics Act, received Royal Assent and is now LAW.

The implications regarding fill and aerodromes may now be quite significant, giving powers to the Federal Transport Minister to make an order prohibiting the development or expansion of aerodromes if it is not in the “public interest”. The accompanying regulations will follow, however this is a very hopeful first step in addressing the very serious issues around fill dumps at aerodromes.

For the amendments to the  Aeronautics Act please Click Here.


To contact the Transport Minister, Hon. Lisa Raitt, regarding concerns over a fill dump at an aerodrome near you, please see below. Remember to cc your own MP, MPP, and Mayor as well.

Lisa Raitt

307 Confederation Building
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Telephone: (613) 996-7046
Fax: (613) 992-0851
Email: lisa.raitt@parl.gc.ca


86 Main Street East
Milton, Ontario
L9T 1N3

Telephone: (905) 693-0166
Fax: (905) 693-0704
Email: lisa.raitt@parl.gc.ca


MPP Granville Anderson makes a Motion re: the Province and Fill December 4th, 2014

Go Mr. Anderson! Click Here to read the full debate. Motion passed!

Toronto Star October 20, 2014 -Toxic dirt dumped in Ontario’s prime farmland

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With lax rules and no tracking system, Ontario sits idly while Toronto’s contaminated dirt is dumped in the countryside.

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To Download a PDF of the Toronto Star Article, click here.